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"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency." ~ Bill Gates

All Employees Executive & Info-graphic Dashboard

View a clear, infographic dashboard showing:
employee by job category
employee by location
employee by department

Get executive insights and actionable metrics at a glance.

Capture staff information and data

Know your staff and capture information such as profile picture, names, gender, marital status, id number, NSSF, NHIF, PIN numbers. Capture next of kin details, emergency contacts, dependents, education background, work experience and job history

Get an email or sms reminder of important dates

Capture important dates such as birth date, employment date, probation end date, contact end date, retirement date and get an automated email or SMS notification days before the date

Staff classification

Group employees by pre-defined:
job categories
cost centres
work shifts
employee statuses

Capture employee remuneration and bank details

Since not all staff have the same benefits and deductions, set the basic salary, benefits and deductions at an individual level
Specify how the staff will be paid with the bank details capturing bank name, account name, account number, bank branch, bank code, swift code

Digitally store staff contracts and documents

Reduce piles of paper on your desk by scanning and uploading staff important documents for safe keeping.
Set the date when the documents are expiring such as work permits

Record staff discplinary cases

Save employee-signed warning letters with a description and when the case occurred with the remedial measures taken.

Track assets assigned to a staff

Record details of the assets are allocated to the staff.
Capture type, value, serial number of the asset

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