Manage your accounts payables, purchase bills, expenses and pay supplier on time.

Create, send, and manage requisitions and local purchase orders online with Sapama Books. Reduce admin, pay your bills on time and get an overview of where your business is spending money with our accounts payable software.

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"When a gift is deserved, it is not a gift but a payment" ~ Gene Wolfe, Shadow & Claw

Schedule payments and pay suppliers in batch

Spend less time on business admin by paying multiple bills at the same time. You can bundle the bills together and schedule the payment, so you’re all ready to go.

See what bills are due for payment

The purchases dashboard gives you a complete overview of your bills and purchase orders. Understand and manage your cash flow with charts and graphs that show you what bills are due for payment. You’ll avoid late fees and build good relationships with your suppliers by paying your bills on time.

Receive and store bills online in one location

Email bills and documents straight to your files inbox in Xero for paperless record-keeping. For simple data entry, use side-by-side files to enter your bills with the file attached. With everything stored online in the cloud, you can access your bills at any time, from anywhere.

Set-up bills on recurring mode

No more creating bills one at a time. Create repeating bills for purchase orders that happen at regular intervals, and let Sapama Books magically send them for you.

Send bills for manager's approval

Configure workflow that enables transaction approval and verification before they reflect in your accounts. This increase the accuracy of your accounting and avoids the risk of processing incorrect transactions.

Convert requisitions and purchase orders into bills

Once a requisition or purchase order is finalized, you can instantly create a bill at the click of a button. Sapama Books simplifies billing

Record debit notes and supplier credits

Returning items to your supplier? Record debit notes in Sapama Books to keep track of them until you can use them on a bill or receive your refund.

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