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Who we are

Sapama Technologies Co. Ltd is an innovative and comprehensive Enterprise Software Design and Engineering firm founded in 2010 and we wake up every day to provide satisfactory, tailor made solutions bordering on creativity and inspired critical design-thinking.

We not only pride ourselves in working hand in hand with corporate clients like you to understand your technological goals and needs, but also have a heritage of crafting tailor-made, highly customised, simple, pocket-friendly and easy to use online mobile-web technology solutions that efficiently and effectively solve these problems within time and budget and as a result saves you time, save you money, increase your revenue and improve your operational efficiency.

We foster and are committed to building mutual long-term business relationships through round the clock 5-star service delivery, dedicated personalized support and substantial investment in Research and Development.

Our philosophy and ethos - What we believe in!

Our vision

To be an Exemplary, Executive Enterprise Software Solution Provider of your choice.

Our mission

To make your work easier, save you time and money, lower running costs and improve operational efficiency of your organization through cutting-edge futuristic technology.

Our core

At our core, we believe in being innovative, efficient, offer professional and exemplary customer service.

Our values

In all our operations, we commit to our fundamental values

INTEGRITY - consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

INNOVATION - We live, breath innovation

KAIZEN - Continuous change and improvement for the better

VALUE ADDITION - We deliver more than expected

PASSION - We commit in heart and soul.

PROFESSIONALISM - We adhere to the highest ethical standards.

FUN - We are easy to do business with and observe a health work-life balance

QUALITY OF SERVICE - Exemplary service delivery

PARTNERSHIP - We believe in collaboration and pulling together

Our approach

We approach every challenge with an exploratory mindset. We don’t have easy, pre-written answers to our client’s questions; we have a constantly evolving, highly rigorous, and interdisciplinary framework for solving problems – and it works, because we hire folks who know a lot, and grow a lot.


We operate within a cooperative framework, predicated on versatility, that puts data and research at the core of our approach. The flexible conceptualization and implementation of ideas allows us to make adjustments informed by ongoing analysis.


Our fully in-house team is comprised of accomplished engineers, developers, creatives, strategists, designers and implementation managers. We rely on one another to share best practices, inform decisions around production, and lend perspectives for a more complete vision.


As technologies and trends shift, we improve and build upon our methodology - constantly adjusting procedures from research and ideation, to implementation, and ongoing assessment.

Our culture code

We are not afraid to face the truth
We seek to cultivate an uplifting and supportive work environment
We like automony but we like each other too
We strive to do work that we love
We place attitude & effort before perfection
We believe that clients are a gift to receive with gratitude and handle with care
We hire with purpose and resolve to treat every member of our team according to their intrinsic dignity
We zealously seek to identify and solve our clients most impactful challenges
We empower our people to help shape what’s next for us


Sapama Technologies is lead by Edwin Mugendi, the CEO, our CTO, Anderson Rioba, and Customer Success Manager, Mary Wawira. Also, we have Ivy League trained software engineers and friendly customer service representatives.

We are committed to the highest level of corporate governance which we consider critical to enhancing our customers and partners trust in is. We foster a culture that values high ethical standards, personnel and corporate integrity.