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Sapama Cash is an innovative electronic payments platform that enables you to receive and make mobile payments from anywhere in the world

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Why the best businesses all over the world, big and small, trust SapamaCash for their payments.

Accept payments securely

Whether you are building a marketplace, mobile app, online store, or web platform or have a offline store, brick and mortar or property, Sapama Cash is all you need to streamline and automate your payment processes

Send payments instantly

Send mobile money directly to the mobile phone wallet of your customers and recipients.

Integrate your apps easily via our API

A set of well-documented, Unified, Secure and simple to use APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to automate mobile payments.

More control

Money resides in your paybill or till registered in your name and Sapama Cash does not handle the funds, we only invoice you at the end of the month.


Most affordable rates to process payments in town


Battle tested and bank-grade secure system and gateway to ensure you securely receive and send payments.
ISO 27001 & 22301 Certification
PA DSS & PCI DSS Compliant

Get paid faster

Keep the money coming in using Sapama Cash
Be it:
Customer Collections
Customer to Business (C2B)
STK push

We've go your covered!

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Bulk payments

Make payouts to your customer's mobile phone wallet securely and instantly
Be it:
Single transactions
Bulk / Batch payments
Business to Customer (B2C)

You are in safe hands!

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Appreciate your customer

Retain your customers and improve your net promoter score by:
Appreciate your loyal customers by automatically sending customized and personalized “Thank you” smses on each payment

Run Loyalty Schemes and your customers earn points on each purchase that they can later redeem in terms of discounts

eg “Dear John, Thank you for making a payment of 1,000 at Sapama Cafe. You’ve earned 10 loyalty points

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Know Your Customers

Collect critical information about your customers that helps you understand your customer better.
Gather data such as:
Amount paid
Transactions history over time

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Dashboard, Analytics, Reports

Info-graphic charts and graphs to help you understand financial health of your business
transaction value
transaction count
customer count

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Multi-tills or branches

Do you have multiple branches or till or paybill numbers?

View a consolidated dashboard for all the branches
Drill down to each individual branch
View current account of each balance
Support both Collection (Customer to Business) and Payouts / Withdrawal / Business to Customer in one dashboard
Assign users read-only or view-only roles

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Robust & Secure Integration API

Sapama boasts a robust, battle-tested and secure set of APIs built with you, the developer, in mind for simple and seamless Third Party Integrations. We want you to focus on doing what you do best. Building great products. Leave the rest of the heavy lifting to us.
Get started in minutes with:
Simple guides
API references
Plug and play code examples
Developer first platform
Build once, run anywhere

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Multi-tills or branches

Multi-tills or branches

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Sapama Cash numbers tell it all

KES 1.5 B/$15M+



Customers impacted




Banks & Telcos
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More and more businesses are turning to Sapama to connect, integrate and process their payments

We offer a restaurant POS system and our clients struggled with verifying M-PESA payments by manually checking and typing the M-PESA reference number which was time-consuming and intruded into their customer privacy by checking their phone, since integrating our system to SapamaCash, we are able to automatically reconcile payments on a click of a button. We serve clients such as Safari Park, Maanzoni Lodge and The White Rhino Hotel among others

Eric - Cadiff Systems

Since we made the bold switch to Sapama, our customers are able to quickly and conveniently pay their online subscription and Sapama bulk payment processing enabled our customers to instantly withdraw funds to their phone at any time and from anywhere around the globe.

Biko - Wild Goose

Payment digitization via Sapama that automatically sends an SMS invoice and reminder has seen our collections increase two fold.

Muriuki - Trail My Car

Our customers are able to conveniently shop online for their favourite drinks and pay via Sapama Cash and the order is delivered on their door step within minutes. This wouldn’t have been possible without having the possibility to easily accept payments via Sapama Cash.

Collins - Decimal Liquor

We’ve reduced cash handling in our butchery for hygiene reasons and also to reduce challenges of moving cash. Also, the personalized “Thank you” SMS send automatically by Sapama Cash, leaves a smile on our customers faces.

Reuben - MeatMatt

Being in sports business we rely on Sapama to promptly receive payments for matches and also send out payments to customers after the end of each match.

Brian - Entertainment

Prior to integrating our payments to Sapama, we struggled receiving deposits from and making payments to our customers. But, with Sapama the payments are posted and reconciled automatically into our accounting system and the customer’s statements updated in real-time.

Francis - Supalife Group

Sapama is one of our most active developer partner and by transaction volume and assist companies easily interface and integrate to our Customer to Business / Collection and Business to Customer / Payout Daraja APIs

Winnie - Safaricom / M-PESA

We were looking for a payment partner to integrate to our core banking payment gateway to help our Small and Mid-sized enterprises (SME’s) process their payment. Sapama payment processor adds value to our SME’s and empowers them to make and receive payments in batch without having to invest heavily in technology infrastructure.

Irene - Equity Bank

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