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Are you taking alot of time calculating payroll in Excel? We are here to help!

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"The biggest thrill wasn't in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday." ~ Art Rooney

Process payroll in batch on a click of a button

Configure custom benefits, deductions, loans, advances and overtime at an employee level and calculate payslips for multiple employees in batch on click of a button

Professional-looking payslip

Generate professional, good looking payslip branded with your corporate logo and can include staff profile picture

Email payslips and P9 to individual staff

On a click of a button email payslips and P9 to individual staffs' email addresses

Password protected payslips

For extra security and data privacy, password protect payslips sent via email

Generate statutory by-product reports ready for submission

Download KRA ITAX, NSSF, NHIF, NITA and P9 statutory by-product reports that are ready for uploading without editing thus avoiding errors and saving your time

Download bank files in the required format for payment

To save time and avoid losses due to human errors, download bank report in the required format with the payment details that you send to the bank for salary payment for all banks in Kenya including Equity Bank, Barclays Bank, KCB Bank, Co-operative Bank, NCBA Bank, I&M Bank, Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), Standard Charted Bank among others

Follow industrial best workflow processes

Follow proven and industrial best payroll workflow processes that enable you to compute payroll on time, get the sign-off quickly from senior management and staff are paid on their pay-day. Also, this process ensures you file and submit all the statutory returns in the required format before the deadline to avoid any penalties. These practices also ensure compliance with the Employment Act regulations

Generate detailed and summary master roll

View itemized detailed or summary master roll that you can use to seek approval from the management or for filing.
Generate a company payslips with month-on-month variance report

Process payroll in multiple currencies

Do you have staff in different countries and paid in different currencies? Generate a payslip in any currency in the world. Set the base currency and the current forex exchange rate

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