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We are pleased to introduce Nexgen Realtors personalized website on . NEXGEN RELATORS has personnel with several years experience in management of both residential and commercial properties. The relevant staffs are members of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, and are registered with Estate Agents Registration Board. The activities in property Management include:- · Identifying and recommending suitable tenants with the willingness and ability to pay premium rents and who would take care of and give a good image of the premises. · Ensuring that inspections are done (Prior to tenants occupation and on vacating the premises) to ensure that they (tenants) have complied with their obligations. · Regular inspection of the premises to check on any maintenance requirements, attend to tenants queries on your behalf and ensure that the gardens are well maintained.\Issue you with monthly statements(or at intervals of your choice) on the state of your property, the rent/accounts position etc. · On time rent collection, ensuring these are remitted to you on the agreed dates and ensuring appropriate action is taken on defaulters. NB: We seldom have to take this measure since the tenants we normally recommend are usually creditworthy. · Acting as a bridge between the Landlords and Tenant thereby ensuring that conflicts are avoided between the two. · Preparation of tenancy agreements and ensuring that all provisions of the relevant property Acts are complied with ( we always ensure that the Landlords interests are taken care of but at the same time ensuring that the tenants’ rights and obligations are met). · Keeping proper records of all details (observed) of the property, the tenants and relevant transactions. · Making sure that all outgoings assigned to us are promptly settled e.g. land rent, rates, insurance, mortgage repayments etc.

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